software architecture and development

technical project management

signal processing and mathematical computing

Consultancy services

Bora® is specialised in the design and development of distributed enterprise software systems, low latency and real time environments, and signal processing software. Our approach is to build on the mature skills and experience of our consultants, with best industry practices applied within a mid-size team structure. We advise a lean team structure with hybrid agile techniques, and aim to meet the goals of the client efficiently and within budget.

We can provide development consultancy services for customers based in the United Kingdom, Europe, the USA and other countries.

Software engineering consultancy

Architecture, design, and development of enterprise software with stringent requirements

Enterprise software development

Our focus on creating enterprise software systems results in a lean, efficient team structure and faster, more effective results.

Demanding projects and environments

We work with enterprise clients who have urgent and demanding requirements, to create software that works beautifully.

Our services encompass initial business and technical requirements analysis, preliminary studies, proofs of concept, system design, and code development.

We can work with you within two organisational frameworks. One option is for us to integrate our consultants into your existing team structure, either as the main software engineering resource, or as a supplementary development. In this capacity, we principally work through your I.T. resource management agency or management consultancy, on a sub-contracting basis.

Another option is for us to provide either a consultant or full team directly. A single consultant will provide you with a technical lead for your project. A full team consisting of technical lead, analysts, and software engineers, would provide you with an immediate development team, allowing the project to get up and running rapidly. In this capacity, we would work closely with your stakeholders, internal clients, and business analysts, and will provide continuous feedback on the development process.

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Research and development

Signal processing, algorithm development, scientific and mathematical computing

Bora® has two decades of experience in the development of scientific, signal processing, and mathematical software. Bora can offer this experience and knowledge for enterprise research and development projects in fields such as acoustics, audio, vibration, video and other signal processing and mathematical computing themes.

Bora® can provide technical resources and consultancy for the outsourcing of signal processing and scientific studies, with the goal of subsequent software application development.

Mathematical and signal processing software design and development, including software for embedded systems, has requirements and techniques that are different from enterprise software development. Bora's experience in this field will take your project from an idea to reality.

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