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audio and acoustics


Research and development

Bora® has two decades of experience in the development of scientific, signal processing, and mathematical software. Bora can offer this experience and knowledge for enterprise research and development projects in fields such as acoustics, audio, vibration, video and other signal processing and mathematical computing themes.

We can provide technical resources and consultancy for the outsourcing of signal processing and scientific studies, with the goal of subsequent software application development.

Although Bora engineers apply an approach that is language-agnostic, our main technical domains of activity are the development of systems in the Java and C++ programming languages. Bora develops the Bora C++ application framework (Balau), a library that provides a dependency injection based architecture in C++, in addition to complex logging and a sophisticated unit testing framework. This library can be a base on which our engineers develop a bespoke C++ software solution fulfilling your requirements.


Bora is specialised in the design and development of distributed enterprise software systems, low latency and real time environments, and signal processing software. The finance industry has complex and interdependent technical requirements in the domains of trading, compliance, and risk analysis.

Our multi-domain knowledge and experience in enterprise software development and mathematical computing provide a rare and valuable understanding of the software requirements of the finance industry. As such, we can provide technical vision in addition to software engineering services to forward thinking finance managers.


The transport industry requires bespoke and off the shelf scientific software for activities such as NVH, virtual reality, and simulation. Bora's experience designing and building virtual reality 3D sound environment simulators and realtime vehicle noise synthesis software applications can be harnessed by vehicle manufacturers for the design and development of new simulators, signal processing analysis software, and other scientific and mathematical software required by the transport industry.

Audio and acoustics

Bora has extensive knowledge of digital signal processing and mathematical software development. This can be harnessed to create bespoke software for audio and image processing, sound environment simulation, synthesis, control systems, automation, robotics, and other areas requiring signal processing computation and algorithms.


Signal and image processing is vital to a diverse range of medical applications. With Bora's experience in signal processing and acoustics, we can propose expert support for signal processing related biomedical application development, such as medical imaging, visualisation, biomedical signal processing algorithms, and biomedical signal analysis.