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Bora® is specialised in the design and development of distributed enterprise software systems, signal processing software, low latency systems and real time environments. Bora supplies software products and software development services for clients in the UK, France, European Union, USA, and worldwide.

Bora experts in enterprise software development, signal processing, and low latency software develop bespoke software solutions for industries including finance, transport, audio and acoustics, and biomedicine.

Software development

Bora is specialised in agile enterprise software development. We can provide single consultant to augment or lead an in-house team, or a full team for a project to deliver a finished product from the client's idea.

Our careful consideration of initial high level requirements will provide an optimal path of development to the end product. We use continuous integration technologies and promote ongoing feedback to the client.

Software applications

Bora also develops its own software products, both open source and commercially licensed.

The Bora C++ application framework is an open source C++ application framework designed for enterprise C++ software development. The library provides the tools required for modern and rapid development of high performance C++ enterprise applications.

The Bora document processor is a software application that translates the markup language BDML into PDF, ePUB, Mobi (Kindle), and HTML targets. A single BDML based document source and accompanying CSS can be created in order to publish to all targets. BDML is a feature complete XML based technical writing markup language designed with an easy learning curve.

In addition to the currently available software products, Bora's R&D team are also developing new innovative software products in the domains of mathematical and signal processing software, destined for release in 2021 and 2022.